Art Gallery Task Essay

Art Exhibition Assignment

Yuvan Naidoo 12C


Everard Read Photo gallery.

Location of Gallery:

Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg. This Photo gallery is a Modern-day gallery. When I visited the gallery about 11 Mar 2013, the gallery was mainly showing works by Keith Joubert and Dylan Lewis along with a few other interesting music artists. The gallery was showing a wide variety of paintings and ornement including merged media, ornement and pieces of furniture. Reason for deciding on exhibition:

I had formed previously viewed works on the net by Miami painter, Alessandro Papetti. His works happen to be amongst my personal favourites and i also was excited to be able to see his performs in real life. I picked this gallery due to its contemporary nature and my interest in contemporary artwork. I was also interested in the blended media and sculpture showcased in this photo gallery and the substantial reputation of the gallery additional urged myself to perform my research here. The 2 main designers exhibiting are highly intriguing and the works will be shown all over the world, and it was therefore an honour to be able to see these works in real life.

Velaphi Mzimba- Red Apple, 2009, 170X170cm, Acrylic on Fabric

Chosen Art Works:

1 . Alessandro Pappeti

L'AVANA II, 2004

170cm X 205cm

Essential oil on fabric.

L'avana II, Alessandro Pappeti

This kind of work describes a field in a avenue with a most probably moving car in the foreground and an urban panorama in the background. This kind of artist's key style focuses on industrial archaeology along with an complex examination of the nude, body of boats and human beings in their achievement and fragility. In Pappeti's early lifestyle, he began his art profession by studying the interiors of work-shops and represented the way they were affected by time and later produced his design - including human statistics, urban scenery and other industrial-type " scenes”. In the vast majority of Pappeti's performs, he uses calculated but spontaneous brushstrokes clearly featuring his abilities with petrol paint. He makes...


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