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Principle #1: The teacher knows the central concepts, equipment of query, and constructions of discipline(s) he or she shows and can make learning encounters that make these aspects of subjects matter significant for students.


[Detailed standards intended for discipline-based understanding will be included in the subject matter criteria to be designed in the next stage of this job. ]

The teacher understands significant concepts, presumptions, debates, operations of request, and ways of knowing that will be central towards the discipline(s) s/he teaches.

The teacher is aware of how students' conceptual frameworks and their beliefs for a place of knowledge can easily influence their learning. The teacher may relate his or her disciplinary knowledge to various other subject areas.


The instructor realizes that subject matter knowledge is not only a fixed body system of facts but is definitely complex and ever-evolving. S/he seeks to keep abreast of new ideas and understandings in the field.

The tutor appreciates multiple perspectives and conveys to learners just how knowledge is developed in the vantage stage of the knower. The tutor has excitement for the discipline(s) s/he teaches and sees links to everyday routine.

The tutor is devoted to continuous learning and engages in professional task about subject matter knowledge and children's learning of the willpower.


The teacher effectively uses multiple representations and explanations of disciplinary principles that catch key tips and link them to students' prior understandings. The tutor can represent and work with differing views, theories, " ways of knowing" and methods of inquiry in his/her educating of subject material concepts.

The teacher can easily evaluate teaching resources and curriculum components for their comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usefulness pertaining to representing particular ideas and concepts.

The teacher activates students in generating understanding and tests hypotheses based on the methods of inquiry and specifications of evidence used in the discipline.

The teacher evolves and uses curricula that provide students to find out, question, and interpret tips from diverse perspectives.

The teacher can create interdisciplinary learning experiences that let students integrate expertise, skills, and methods of request from several subject areas.

Theory #2: The teacher understands how kids learn and develop, and may provide learning opportunities that support their very own intellectual, cultural and personal creation.


The teacher understands how learning occurs--how students construct knowledge, acquire expertise, and develop habits of mind--and can really use training strategies that promote pupil learning.

The teacher understands that students' physical, social, mental, moral and cognitive development influence learning and knows how to address these kinds of factors when making instructional decisions.

The tutor is aware of predicted developmental correction and varies of individual variation within just each domain (physical, social, emotional, meaning and cognitive), can discover levels of preparedness in learning, and understands just how development in different one domain name may influence performance in others.


The instructor appreciates specific variation inside each area of development, displays respect pertaining to the varied talents of learners, and is committed to help them develop self- confidence and competence.

The teacher can be disposed to work with students' talents as a basis for development, and their errors as a chance for learning.


The teacher assesses individual and group efficiency in order to style instruction that meets learners' current needs in every domain (cognitive, social, psychological, moral, and physical) and this leads to the next level of expansion.

The teacher stimulates pupil reflection upon prior expertise and backlinks new...


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